What We Do

Our Team Strives to Deliver Results Oriented, Responsive, and Commendable Website Design Services in the New York City Metropolitan Area.

We are a web design agency in New York City

At Syntelex Smart Web Design, we focus on providing quality, affordable, and reliable web design and marketing solutions. We keep up to our standards, utilize up to date technology, and provide effective and efficient website development solution at honest prices. When it comes to maximizing the potential of your website, Syntelex is your ideal partner.

Software Design & Social networking Development

At Syntelex Smart Web Design, one of our core missions is to help entrepreneurs implement their website ideas at a price they can afford.  We offer the most commendable social networking and mobile application solutions that are highly powered by a professional and talented team. We specialize in variety of online services including custom web development and we are well versed in the diverse platforms and programming languages  that are out there. If you a need an aesthetically pleasing website which represents your brand,  your in the right place.  We utilize the most dignified approaches and creative working style in order to power your  website in the midst of endless competition of the online business market.

Fueling your startup and achieving your website goals

Building your startup idea  from start to finish is not an easy task, and does not come at a low cost.  Our team strives to achieve our clients dreams and aspirations to help  turn an idea to real life. Our creative team of designers and engineers have  proven to be the most effective social networking website design and development agency in New York City.

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What We Do

We specialize in helping small to mid sized business & entrepreneurs with their web design needs. We have the capabilities to implement large scale social network ideas similar to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or Instagram. Whether it’s designing  a regular websites for small businesses, or designing actual social networks, we welcome you to contact us for a free consultation.

We work with various entrepreneurs, and we assist people with connecting them with valuable resources, investors, or business opportunities so that we can grow together.

On-Demand Services

We work with people from various industries, and welcome individuals to contact us for a free consultation to get a feel for what it is that is needed to what can actually be done.

Our Process

Your Web Design Journey  starts with a detail oriented approach to exploring your wants, needs, and prospective business goals and objectives. Our team works to create a vision and a set of shared smart goals & objectives… Read More


Marketing Services

Get effective online marketing services which yield high rate on return. Whether your businesses is small or big, we help businesses thrive online.


Web Design

Custom Design, affordable prices, and Quality results – our tenured team of professional designers create responsive websites which represents our client’s brand and company image.


Platform Design

If your looking for a dedicated team of engineers to help help you launch your internet startup from the ground up, you have come to the right place. With programming and software skills, you can be sure you chose the right team for the job.


Brand Advertising

Your brand deserves the right recognition. We offer high quality branding and effective branding solutions which help represent your companies mission and objectives.


Social Networking Design

Social networking design is our forte. We fuel internet startups, help build online business from scratch, and assists startups with cost effective solutions.


We start with a free initial consultation so we can discover your website’s wants, needs, and objectives. We take time to prepare all necessary documentation to create an excellent, eye appealing, and functional social network.

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